My Story

Mental Health Meets Physical Wellness

Fitness coach during marathon training

Where It Started

I am 34, out of midwest America and love all things competitive. She has 4 incredible children who all play travel sports. Twin 15year old boys in Basketball, Tennis, and Track. An 11-year-old son in Baseball and Basketball. And a sweet and spicy 9-year-old daughter who flies for an elite cheerleading team. To say her life is busy is an understatement. 

I have always loved playing soccer and running around outside with my brothers. After children, my body was a wreck. I weighed more than my partner and knew that if I didn’t do something to change my lifestyle, I was looking at a lot of health issues and life restrictions. 

My husband and I joined a CrossFit gym in January 2011. I “drank the kool-aid” if you will, I absolutely fell in love with weight lifting and pushing my body to the limits. I learned more about my physical self and discovered I am a total badass. “I’m not like those other moms” IYKYK 

After 5+ years we stepped away from CrossFit and joined a traditional gym. It’s there that my life took a totally different turn. I never saw it coming- I began bodybuilding! I have done two NPC Bikini shows and placed Nationally in both wellness and bikini divisions. I knew I could push myself after years of crossfit, but I had no idea I could have the best body of my life in my 30s. From 157lbs to 126lbs, walking across a stage in nothing but dental floss and heels makes you a new kind of brave. 

In no way is this most women’s goal. I respect that! It’s not easy, however, when you hear your kids yelling from the audience “THAT’S MY MOM!!” and the joy on their faces to see you hit your goals, I mean, who doesn’t want that?! 

I developed a highly sought-after program that helps average, busy, incredible women discover the freedom and joy that sits on the other side of hitting those goals. If it’s 10lbs or 50lbs, I can get you there.

Kings Fitness

Most Fit pros will tell you what to eat and what to avoid, how to work out and how long to do so. Is there science to what and when to eat? Of course there is! Is there science to different exercises burning more calories and certain movements being more beneficial for weight loss? Yes, yet again. That’s all well and good but I do not believe in a one size fits all methodology. In fact, I think that kind of thinking is part of the reason we have so many women with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. 

At Kings Fitness and Nutrition, LLC., you are going to get a customized and unique program tailored to your needs and your body. I will walk you through a series of questions and introspection to lead you to a deeper level of awareness with your body. You will become so in tune with what your body needs from you, that losing weight will happen all on it’s own and be nearly effortless.

What Comes Next

Behavior Change coaching works by aligning our deeper consciousness with our desire to lose weight. When we focus on the horizontal plane of living we are only living out of ourselves and our own might. When we are able to work with our mind and spirit in our vertical plane of movement, we find a deeper consciousness and ability to align all of our goals and desires. Thus allowing the horizontal plane to work from a deeper source and achieve greater results.

I offer two programs, a 12-week Transformation program where we work on fitness through the lens of mental health and help you find a routine. I also offer a 24-week Accountability program which is best for those that want to ease into these new changes in their life. 

Whichever program you choose we will produce results you can see together. While creating lasting habits and an overall healthier lifestyle.